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Sale Ended

Soft Cap $25,624 Hard Cap $100,000
Total raised $91,000


Why to choose Worldtelevisioncoin?

The users of the platform can earn money and get TV channels from their country for free. They can also use streaming service for free. 30% extra bonus is available for the first two weeks of PRE-sale. We give a premium account that only allow subscribers to make money and watch TV channel. The premium users get 20% of all the advertising money made that is called Video promo.

For example so if we got 200 000 users and all click 5 different channels that is 1 million promo videos and each bring 12 cents that means 120 000 $ that can happen in 1 day and 20% of that means 24 000$ we give to the premium accounts. It works just like mining which is fun. Money is made with fun on our platform.

1000 coin holders will get the premium for 5 years and 3 different holder types. 10000 coin holders are entitled to get 3% of the advert money made all together from watching, this means all holders of 10000 coin will be a team and they get back 3% of all money from advertisement and then, everyone get a part how much he watches TV. The same at 50 000 coin holders with 7% and 500 0000 coin holders get the team´s 10% of all.

White Paper

Benefits of Using Our Solution

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Real Time IPTV

IPTV in Real Time (Sports, Cartoons, Soaps, Shows, News, Comedy, Concerts) and all for Free, for Everybody, all over the World 24/7/365

Earn Money

WTC Entertainment Get Paid to Watch IPTV Channels

Convert your WTC Token Rewards into BTC and other Crypto to cashout

No transaction fees

WTC Videos Advertsing Upload Videos and Marketing Buy

WTC Advsierting Get full Access to Give back to your Viewers buy WTC Advertising to Promote your Products and Services by allowing targeted viewers to get paid from watching your ads.

Instant operations

WTC Secure Trading Get full access to buy and sell WTC

Coins on live exchange to build your crypto portofilio generating unlimited income potential.

Strong teams & Advisors

WTC Social Media Advertsing Platform

Promote any program, connect with friends and family and promote without strict restriction

Protects the identity

WTC Front Page Promotion Purchase the WTC advertising

Front page login promotion as members login they will see your advertising which will generate more visitors to your page

Token Sale

Token Sale Ended.

  • Cost of 1 token WTC:

    Sale Ended

  • Term of token sale:

    90 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO

  • Expanded goals after start of ICO:


  • Technical limitation of tokens:


  • Adjustable emission:

    The unsold tokens will be put up for sale in the open exchange.

  • Secured ways to purchase tokens:

    Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments

Pre-Sales Stage 1 End 25% DISCOUNT
7 Days Left
Pre-Sales Stage 2 End 20% DISCOUNT
16 Days Left
Pre-Sales Stage 3 End 15% DISCOUNT
27 Days Left
Pre-Sales Stage 4 End 10% DISCOUNT
38 Days Left
Public Sales End NO DISCOUNT
81 Days Left

Distribution of Tokens

The Roadmap

WTC Roadmap

Meet our Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be able to see your token balance within 12 hours from verified payment
U.S. citizens are unfortunately not allowed to join the tokensale.
Yes, with looking TV with a Special App. It will come on Market in 2020.
The unsold tokens will be put up for sale in the open exchange.
To participate in the token sale you can use both ETH and BTC for payments.
Worldtelevision Media Corp.
Worldtelevision Media Corp
New Horizon Building, Ground Floor,
3 1/2 Miles Philip S.W.
Belize City; Belize C.A.